Made to Order -Ready Punch -Punched tin panels

These Ready Punch Punched tin panels are available in 12 different metal choices- priced accordingly. 

SHowing over 300 Designs Download Design Catalog for your selection Design Catalog

All Panels are treated with a lacquer coating to protect them, and when care instructions are followed, should maintain their original appearance, indefintely.

Many designs here are based on some of the earliest examples of the craft found in many private and museum collections and should be used where unquestioned authenticity is required. ( Early Pie Safe Motifs, Timeless Treasures, Pure and simple, Historical Treasures, Mercer Museum Colection, Fanicful Folk Art, Dutch Plate Designs, Buttermold designs, Country Sampler styles, Animals and such, Simple Mottos and etc. Many designs can be used vertically and/or horizontally.  

Mix and Match Designs from any of the collections. 

Delivery on these made -to -order punched tin will be about 3 weeks.



punched tin wheat RP 1176 Custom Punched tin RP 1007 Cabinet

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