RPS 1176A punched tin

RPS 1176A Variety widths x 18 3/4 high

RPS 1176A 18 3/4
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Hand punched tin panels by Pierced Tin Designs LLC by Country Accents. Made in the USA.

These in-stock, hand-punched metal panels are beautifully crafted in Tin Plate and are available for quick shipping! These panels are crafted with care from the same quality material as our custom panels and are finished with a clear protective coating. Ready to install

Tin Plate....Please call for other metal choices and prices..

6 1/4w x 18 3/4h

7 3/8w x 18 3/4h 

7 3/4w x 18 3/4h 

9 1/4w x 18 3/4h 

10 7/8w x 18 3/4h

12 1/4w x 18 3/4h

13 7/8w x 18 3/4h

15 1/4w x 18 3/4h